Because People MatterHope Ventures has existed in different iterations for almost ninety years, but really found its footing in the 1990s in response to the issue of homelessness and the need to care for the many disadvantaged and marginalised in Brisbane.

Brisbane CityCare, as it was known then, was trusted by the community, local councils and corporate partners as a reliable and passionate care service, delivering practical support, substantial job readiness programs, counselling and support, drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and other responses to local needs. Now supporting individuals right across South East Queensland and beyond, this same passion to help people to find hope for their own future drives us every day. As well as supporting those in crisis, we additionally focus on helping people to build their individual resilience early, preventing crisis from happening in the first place. We are trusted by children, parents, schools, couples, governments, churches, businesses and local communities to help instill hope for the future.

We are about more than just good intentions. A hope venture is informed by research and evidence, delivers high impact for reasonable investment, and has meaningful outcomes. Our ventures have a lasting impact and are sustainably reliable for the communities they support. While we are proud of what we’re doing, we know there is more to be done. We are widening our footprint and partnering with businesses, government and communities to make our ventures more accessible to those who need them. Our mission is clear… we bring hope for the future.

Strategic Plan:

Our Mission

Hope Ventures exists to build resilience in families and communities through ventures that empower individuals, equip vulnerable families and engage communities... because people matter

Our Values

Our Priorities

Children and families are given the tools they need to thrive

Our Strategies

  • We continue to deliver and expand Mimi’s House to new sites and support more children.

  • We expand our evidence-based family support offerings.

  • We continue to deliver and expand our domestic and family violence prevention programs (including Circuit Breaker) to reach more people.

  • We explore program integration and ‘wraparound’ support for families facing complex needs, focusing on individualised impact.

  • We distill ‘what works’ in our programs and trial new program types.

Our Measures

  • Number of individuals and families engaged by programs

  • New programs

  • Year on year growth of service footprint (by population and impact)

  • Regular regional needs analysis

  • Commence use of recognised impact measurement tool

We support healing and inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, new arrivals and minority communities

Our Strategies

  • Our people are supported on their cultural journey in understanding the reconciliation journey

  • We build strategic partnerships with local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities or community-controlled organisations.

  • We are led by the voices of First Nation Australians regarding our role in reconciliation and healing.

  • We build strategic partnerships with local migrant support

Our Measures

  • Cultural awareness/immersion training

  • Development of Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Local partnership agreements/arrangements with Aboriginal and/or community-controlled organisations

  • Local partnership agreements/arrangements with settlement support services

We are known as a reliable and trusted partner

Our Strategies

  • We cultivate strategic partnerships with government stakeholders and philanthropists.

  • We are at the table where local issues are being explored.

  • We co-respond to need with our key partner, the Hope Centre International group.

  • We communicate our stories well

  • We provide opportunities for the community to partner

  • We are responsive to emergent needs in sustainable ways

  • We measure benefits and impact and use contemporary,
    recognized tools to do this.

Our Measures

  • Regular stakeholder analysis

  • Partnership agreements/arrangements with other community groups

  • Communication and engagement plan developed and executed

  • Number of fundraising/community facing campaigns/events

  • Number of short-term projects/initiatives delivered

  • Number of stakeholder engagements/local community group memberships

  • Development of information management strategy/system

Our organisation and our people thrive

Our Strategies

  • We offer flexible and rewarding employment experiences.

  • We have a pipeline for prospective new staff

  • We continue to expand our resourcing models and operate in a financially sustainable way.

  • We invest sensibly in data and information systems that help us to understand our impact.

  • We continue to meet and exceed all of our regulatory responsibilities.

Our Measures

  • Year on year surplus growth

  • Increased diversity of income

  • Feasibility assessment of vocational education partnership with Hope Academy or Alpha Crucis college.

  • High staff retention rate

  • Governance systems are contemporary and risks are reported and managed

Meet the Directors

Chris Barlow MGPP, BCrim

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Chris joined the board in 2016 bringing with him significant experience in the social services sector. He has held frontline, corporate support and leadership positions in both government and non-government agencies, contributing to significant government policy reforms and having lead responsibility for policy, practice and compliance across a large human services organisation. As well as his professional experience, Chris is currently completing a PhD through UQ, exploring 'shared senses of purpose' between government and NFPs, and has also taught in governance and public policy.

Kellie Dix

Non-Executive Director

Kellie is an Associate Partner with EY (Formally known as Ernst & Young). EY is a global leader in professional services - delivering services through four integrated service lines – Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax. Kellie has over 20 years’ experience working in key leadership and executive roles for blue-chip brands and global organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), AECOM, SAI Global, BDO and Xerox. Kellie is a strategic thinker, relationship focused, highly curious and intrinsically driven. Kellie believes success is driven as a team and partnering with others and leadership is about inspiring, leading by example, and coaching for high performance.

Darren Van Zyl

Non-Executive Director

Darren is a father of one and has been a congregation member of Hope Centre since 2014. Darren is also a Chartered Accountant (since April 2012) and a Partner in the Elements Advisory Group (Since August 2012). Outside of work, Darren enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, camping fishing and all things outdoors. Darren has a passion for helping Hope Ventures to grow and thrive in its capacity and ability to equip and empower the lives of its of families and individuals. Darren provides the Hope Ventures board with experience in the areas of Financial Management, Internal Controls and compliance.

Tim Rumsey

Non-Executive Director

Tim Rumsey worked as a businessman with 17 years’ experience in small business in both the agricultural and manufacturing industries after completing a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. In late 2011 and the start of 2012 he changed direction in his career and went back to university full time to study Occupational Therapy at UQ QLD, and working as an Occupational Therapist since 2016. He started his OT career with QLD Health and in mid 2020 he transitioned again to work full time with his wife in their OT private practice in the western suburbs of Brisbane QLD where he works today. Tim also serves as a Board Member of Hope Centre International. Tim enjoys Family, Cycling, Camping, Reading, Podcasts, Travel and Movies.

Josh McKoy

Non-Executive Director

Josh joined the board in 2022 bringing a wealth of experience in program management, business analytics, and leadership. Currently working as an Associate Director – Digital Strategy at KPMG (a global professional services company) Josh works alongside organisations of all sizes, across the government, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors, helping them shape their digital roadmaps and innovate their offerings through emerging technologies. Previously working for large brands such as Virgin Australia, Josh understands the importance of mission and staying true to organisational values. In his spare time, Josh loves to travel with his family, play basketball, and practice guitar. Josh has a Master of Business Administration (Executive) (MBAE) Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Bachelor of Science (BSci)

Josh Collins

Non-Executive Director

Joshua works in the corporate sector bringing transformational change through CRM implementations with medium to large enterprise companies. Joshua brings experience in stakeholder management, corporate strategy along with focused growth. Joshua has worked closely with large not-for-profits and understand their operational requirements. It’s this knowledge and corporate strategy which will be beneficial to the Hope Ventures board.

Meet the Team

Malcolm Frizzell

Executive Director Hope Ventures

Malcolm is passionate about empowering people to create their own story. He believes that those who are vulnerable today, can have a future full of hope for tomorrow given the right opportunity to believe in themselves. Such empowerment will fill hearts and inspire action to empower the most vulnerable in our community.

Jane Hockey

Program Director Mimi’s House

Jane is an educator and an advocate for the vulnerable. With over a decade’s experience developing and leading special educational programs within the state high school system, she has worked tirelessly to ensure students with disabilities were given the opportunity to meet their full potential and be able to participate on the same basis as others. Jane has bought this focus with her to Mimi’s House, where she has served since its inception. Jane is passionate about building Mimi’s House to ensure that more and more children have an opportunity to thrive.

Matt Boulton

Program Director & Author of Circuit Breaker

Matt is an author, counsellor pastor and founder of Circuit Breaker. Matt’s experience supporting couples experiencing conflict and family violence allowed him to see the shortage of simple and accessible tools people could access to prevent things getting worst. As well as his life-changing work on the Circuit Breaker course, Matt also supports churches and community groups to increase their capacity to respond to the needs of couples and families experiencing conflict through workplace training, speaking engagements and community seminars.

Melanie Possumah

Community Development Coordinator

Melly is experienced in emergency relief and case management, and will walk that extra mile to support people facing complex challenges through community engagement. She has studied and completed a 2-year internship with Hope Academy and has her Diploma of Ministry and a Diploma of Community services which she gained through Alphacrusis college.

Key principals of the Board:

Lay solid foundations for management and oversight

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (Board) is the governing body of Hope Ventures. The Board independently and objectively assesses the Company's decisions and oversees the performance and activities of management against a risk management framework. This creates a disciplined process for effectively managing risk to enable the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives. The Board is responsible for a number of decisions including:

  • setting and approving the Company's strategy, direction and financial objectives;
  • appointing the key roles within the organisation;
  • approving financial statements;
  • evaluating the Executive Directors performance; and
  • making and amending By-Laws
The process for recruiting a Director is as follows:
  • As part of the due diligence process, all newly appointed Directors will undergo background checks before their appointment.
  • All Directors are appointed subject to the provisions of the Constitution of HopeVentures and the provisions of the  Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). All Directors are formally appointed by the Company by way of a formal letter of appointment.
The office of a Director is immediately ceased if a Director:
  • becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors generally
  • becomes prohibited from being a Director of a Company by reason of any order made under the Act
  • Ceases to be a Director by operation of any provision of the Act
  • Becomes of unsound mind or a person whose person or estate is liable to be dealt with in any way under the law relating to mental health
  • Resigns his office by notice in writing to the Company
  • For more than three months is absent without permission of the Board from meetings of the Board held during that period

All Directors retire from their position on an annual basis and if they are willing to continue in that role, they are eligible for Re-election.

Each board meeting is typically attended by:
  • The quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of the Board shall be a majority of the total Board or such greater number as may be fixed by the Board.
  • The Executive Director
  • The Business Manager of Hope Centre International
  • An appointed minute taker
Each Board meeting agenda includes the business of the meeting and:
  • Executive Director update;
  • Financial results for the previous month and projected cash flow forecasts;
  • statutory matters;
  • governance matters;
  • risk management matters;
  • approval of key operational changes requiring board approval
  • approval of investment for major projects, website and the member management and finance systems;

Prior to each board meeting, a formal agenda is circulated and formal minutes are drafted by an appointed minute taker in the meeting.

In October 2021, the Board approved the new strategic plan, for which the Executive Director is responsible for execution and implementation.

A formal Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually in which the following key agenda items are addressing:
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Adoption of the Financial report for the elapsed year
  • Presentation of the financial report for the elapsed year to attendees.
Executive Director:

The Executive Director is appointed by the Board and is responsible for the management of Hope Ventures in accordance with the Board-approved Strategy, policies and delegated authority framework. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the Board is provided with relevant strategic options, policies, risk identification and financial issues on which to deliberate, and with the necessary administrative support to enable the Board to work effectively. The Board may invite the Executive Director and management to attend Board meetings at its discretion. The Executive Director is not a legal Director and is not entitled to vote.

Program Director:

The Program Director is appointed jointly by the Executive Director and the Board and is responsible for the oversight and management of an individual program or venture.

Instil a culture of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly
  • The Company’s purpose - Our aim is to provide a multifaceted range of  unique and compassionate services that offer hope and opportunity to those facing personal life challenges.
  • Hope Ventures is committed to maintaining an organisational culture where the Company acts lawfully, ethically and responsibly.
  • Directors and employees of Hope Ventures Australia are bound by the provisions of formal employment agreements, that include an obligation to act lawfully, ethically and responsibly in accordance with the highest   standards of honesty and integrity in such a way as to safeguard and protect  the reputation of the Company.
  • Hope ventures is committed to maintaining a steadfast process of accountability and integrity and seeks to act swiftly and immediately regarding any act of fraud, discrimination, improper conduct or illegal activity. We are proud to advise that in the entire history of Hope Ventures, there has not been one event occur and be brought to the Board's attention that would be deemed to be such an act.
Respect the rights of our supporters

Hope Ventures has a history of empowering some of our most vulnerable community members. We put families at the heart of our vision, and we are passionate about working with communities so those community members can thrive.

This could not be achieved without the generous support of our benevolent partners. Strong partnerships underpin our work. We believe that through collaboration we can create the greatest change.

Thanks to their vision and belief in what we do, our benevolent partners have supported us to:

  • Implement supportive programs that keep children engaged in learning
  • Deliver critical programs to bring about systemic change in early prevention of domestic violence
  • Tackle some of the most confronting issues facing families and individuals living under difficult and stressful circumstance
Recognise and manage risk

Hope Ventures, through the role of the Executive Director seeks to remain efficient and fast acting in its ability to identify risks as and when they arrive and to introduce safeguards as quickly as possible.

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives. The Board and the Executive would assess the effect of the action, consider the uncertainty of the event and explore the likelihood of the cause and consequence, so that the impact of the outcome is managed and reduced to a satisfactory level.

Safeguard integrity in corporate reports

Hope Ventures is committed to constantly improving the transparency and clarity of our Financial Reporting to our stakeholders.

In July 2021 the Board has committed to increasing the detailed nature of the notes within our financial statements to allow all stakeholder to obtain a clear and detailed understanding of all areas of income, expenditure, asset investment and obligations of the organisation, based entirely on the Financial Report itself.

External Auditor Details:

Matthew Williams, Managing Director

Platinum Audits

PO Box1306, Capalaba, QLD 4157

Compliance Framework:

Hope ventures is subject to the following compliance frameworks:

Hope ventures is a disclosing entity under the Corporations Act 2001 and therefore must lodge an audited financial report to ASIC on an annual basis. These financial reports are available to the public via the ASIC company search database.

Hope ventures is required to also lodge its constitution (if changed), annual information statement and Financial Report with the ACNC on an annual basis. These documents are also available to the public via the ACNC charity search database.

Hope ventures is registered for Goods and Services Tax and therefore lodges activity statements on a quarterly basis.

Hope ventures obtained an exemption for income tax obligations on the basis that it is a Public Benevolent Institution on the 13th of November 2008.

Hope ventures obtained an exemption for Fringe Benefit Tax obligations on the basis that it is a Public Benevolent Institution on the 13th of November 2008.

Legal Structure & Registrations:

Hope Ventures, previously named Hope Centre Services(ACN  133 424 576) operates within a public company structure that is limited by Guarantee, incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001. The entity has the following registrations:

  • ABN 87 133 424 576
  • ACNC registered charity since 3rd December 2012 (ACNC registration number 87133424576)
  •  Registered public benevolent institution since 1st January 2014
  • Deductible gift recipient registration obtained on the 13th November2008

View our ACNC registration here - https://www.acnc.gov.au/charity/28e4fcc2daac65f80b43d6d15c17f884#overview

Previous Financial statements

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